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about the film

When twenty-year-old Claire finds out she’s pregnant, she knows she wants to have an abortion. With confidence in her choice, support from her family, and good healthcare, it should be straightforward. But the night before the appointment, skin-crawling hallucinations begin to shake her resolve. At the gynecologist's office, what should be a routine medical experience becomes a waking nightmare with lasting repercussions.

Earthworm is a short film directed by Grace Gregory, produced by Joe Metcalf, and written by and starring Charlotte Foley. It was shot by cinematographer Riley Hanyue Shen in Los Angeles in the fall of 2021 alongside a team of incredibly talented young filmmakers.

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@ABORTIONFUNDS : Find your local abortion fund

@KEEPOURCLINICS : Funds for independent clinics

@REPROLEGALDEFENSEFUND : Bail/legal funds for people criminalized for self managed abortions

The following links are for practical support orgs that help cover travel/hotel/meal support/childcare to get to abortion appointments:  


Thank you to Erika N. for compiling these resources for us <3

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